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Your ducks are mostly all in a row these days, but you still feel like something is Just. Not. Right.  Or, it's maybe it's even bigger than that, and there's a deeper disconnect somewhere, some blind spot, that's clearly holding you back from the next level and you're tired of running in circles about it. 


There's a real reason that now is the time this is finally coming up for you.

Since starting out on your career you’ve developed a deeper connection not just to your professional goals, but to yourself, your identity, and your expectation of what you want your overall life to look like.  You just know when it's clicking, and you also know when there's something not right.

I know because I've been exactly where you are.  I worked 15 years in the corporate magazine world.  I took on everything I could and was running my own creative department that spanned eleven magazine titles. I was proud, but there was a sense of something being just...off.  It took two years to identify and create the changes that I wanted to make.  That process taught me the importance of honoring my personal values and uncovering the blind spots that were holding me back.

Fear of embarrassment, financial ruin, the unknown, and failure can discourage us from believing that we can create real shifts in our lives.  We'll work together to take apart those very reasonable fears so you can start to get curious about your life and make the tweaks you are DEEP DOWN ready for.  We’ll do this by clearing out the blind spots that fear has created, discover what is actually motivating your thoughts (it's rarely what we think), and then fearlessly create a plan that is 100% on your terms.  What you’ll realize is that there's actually an incredible array of options available, and your decisions no longer need to be stressful or anxiety-ridden, but can be purposeful forward movements.

I've been there, and I know exactly how these blind spots are keeping you chained to habits and thoughts that are no longer serving you.

These breakthroughs were critical to my re-invented career (and life), and I've applied it to everything I do, including my process.  I’m an ICF Certified Professional Coach (CPC) who has received trainings from two separate institutions, as well as a reiki practitioner, a decades-long practitioner of Buddhist philosophy, and life-long meditator.  My approach is holistic and never cookie-cutter.  Respecting the uniqueness of my clients and their story is critical to creating breakthroughs.

You are wholeheartedly invited to take the first step towards creating this massive, huge, inspiring, worthwhile life by booking a free one-on-one Discovery Session with me below.  We'll discuss where you're at, I can hear your story, and I can answer any questions you may have about me, my results, and the process.  Don't lose momentum by putting this off for even one day.   You deserve to start this process now!

It all starts with a 100% free, honest conversation.  

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Professional Development Within Businesses

I work with forward thinking, successful businesses who are looking to foster a culture of leadership and excellence.  While the agenda is always unique, the focus is generally on developing internal talent to create a pipeline of leaders.  We will foster performance, and create a highly engaged, results-oriented mentality where core strengths and the values of the organization are made real and fully bought into by respective team members.

In our time together, we will focus on how we can create a return on investment on not only our time, but by identifying opportunities to support individual and team growth that can be directed towards building a stronger foundation of enthusiasm, trust, and buy-in into a vibrant company culture.

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how to create your first career breakthrough.

This 10-Step Guide will help you focus on some critical blind spots that are part of what keeps us in our ruts You will identify the limiting personal rules that you didn't even realize you had, as well as create a vision for what your future life and career will be if you were really calling the shots.