Welcome Aboard!

Hi everyone and welcome to my little slice of internet blogdom.  I’m beyond excited to be starting this new project with all of you.  I’m sure some are asking, “What are we going to be doing here?”  Think of it this way: the internet is full of websites where we go to be distracted, to be entertained, and to become informed (with all of these somehow linking back to YouTube, because, let’s be honest, that’s where we all spend way too much of our time watching animal videos).  But here’s what we’re doing here: we’re creating a fourth offering.  We’re creating a place where you can go to move yourself forward in your actual life.  And, we’re going to do it together in a very unique way: via coaching.  

What exactly is coaching?  First, let’s cover what it’s not.  It’s not therapy, mentoring, your best friend giving you advice, or someone yelling on the sidelines of a football game hoping for a bucket of Gatorade to be dumped on their head.  Coaching is different.  Coaching doesn’t concern itself with your past, but it assumes something very powerful: you are a whole, functioning, perfect person, exactly as you are.  But you’re looking to up your game and break through some barriers to have a fulfilling, big, and balanced life.  Most of all, you're looking to get some real clarity.

Let’s get one thing out of the way: no one needs coaching (I truly mean that).  But, if you want coaching, you’re looking to do something extraordinary.  Maybe you’ve noticed that you have some dreams or goals and you need a framework to start making them a reality.  Or, you have a nagging feeling that you’re blocked in a key area and would really benefit from someone trained in identifying where you’re stopped so you can start making stuff happen at a new level.  THAT is what coaching is all about.  Coaching is about looking at your thoughts and feelings to create sustainable action.



Every month, we’ll be covering a concept and doing an Answer Exercise around it (these are PDFs and/or Word docs you can download and complete whenever you'd like).  On the first week of that month we’ll start nice and gentle and look at it from a 10,000 foot level.  Every week after, until the end of the month, we’ll dig a little deeper and start applying what we’ve learned and challenge our habitual thinking.  If you do the work, you can look forward to a couple of things: serious breakthroughs and some serious breakdowns.

Wait, what?  Yup. I said it. You’ll have breakthroughs!  Oh, and yeah - the breakdowns are to be expected and WELCOMED. This is the meat of it all; this is where the juiciest part of moving the needle in your life happens.  So, here’s what I’m inviting you to do: when you have a breakdown or are just struggling or stopped in an area, I’m asking you to BE CURIOUS about it (hence the name of this website).  There is no right or wrong way to do this - this is about figuring your stuff out, moving your energy to the next level, and seeing the results in your actions.  Gently exploring where you’re feeling confronted is where the all-important domino effect starts.  And, when I tell you this is the fun part, please believe me.  I live for this and you should too, so let’s just pinky shake through our screens and agree that we’re choosing to treat this with kindness, curiosity, and wonder, and take refuge in the fact that we’re doing the sort of work that almost NO ONE else is doing on the planet.  This is cutting edge and the stories adventures are made of.  And with that, let the adventures begin.