scott robson coach testimonial nicole purmal

"I have a champion in this world and his name is Scott."

I’ve had difficulties in life and Coach Scott helps me break them down and see them for what they are. Together we turn things over to see why I feel a certain way and if that way is holding me back. There is a gentle yet committed approach Scott has to reaching into misunderstood mindsets. It's his compassionate coaxing that gives me the courage to look around my life and make more conscious choices. I am now enjoying my life instead of just surviving it. I know “things” will still come at me but since my work with Scott, I know I will triumph.

—Nicole P. 


Working with Scott has been an invaluable experience.

I am quick to write things off as “fine” or “good enough” or “no big deal.” Scott encourages me to see the opportunity in everything. He challenges me to find a new perspective and avoid putting limitations on myself.

Scott is future-focused, optimistic, empathetic, and curious. He understands where I want to go and keeps me on track with accountability and compassion.

— Janet F.

Scott epitomizes what it means to be a great coach.”

In the time that we’ve worked together, Scott has motivated and inspired me to be my best self.  Through his genuine nature and positive attitude, he’s committed to not just the coaching practice but to his clients, and helping them meet their goals.  He brings great insight and intuitiveness into every session, and is so open and easy to talk to.  Having Scott as my coach has allowed me to become more self-aware in my decision-making, built my confidence and allowed me to recognize the power in myself to achieve whatever I set my mind to.

— Kimberly B.



Working with Scott is refreshing and energizing.
A great personal investment.

— Ben B.



I gained valuable insight with Coach Scott.

Scott helped me by holding me accountable to meet my desired life's progression, and the outcome was very successful!  The thing I really liked was his commitment, structured coaching style, and my ability to measure my levels of self-awareness after working together.  The experience was very insightful, and I would recommend Scott to anyone who wants to achieve specific goals.

— Tonja P.