Scott Robson, founder and coach at The Curious Life

Before I launched my own business in personal and branding development, I was really busy.  

Here was my to-do list (are you ready?): 

  1. Make sure everyone else was happy.

  2. Don't disappoint anyone.

Doesn't seem like a lot, but let me tell you, it took up years of my life.  

I worked in the adrenaline-fueled world of the New York City magazine industry for close to 20-years. Burning the midnight oil as we were going to press with one issue or another, I threw myself into marketing design and learned every inch of the business.


Meanwhile, Behind the Scenes...

I was investing in my self-development big time.  I took course after course, began coaching others, and was able to bring those coaching skills into my work, which gave me a lifeline in challenging situations.

It felt not just good but right.  But, I knew deep down that it wasn’t time to focus on that aspect of things professionally…yet.   I had other career aspirations that had been planted from a young age.  Stepping directly into my grandfather's shoes, I became a marketing art director and committed to achieving my professional goals in the publishing industry in New York City.  And, while this felt like the right place to be, I was also torn between two competing visions of myself.

One was a “stable” salaried career, and reflected a lifelong commitment to art & design.  The other vision went back almost just as far, with learning to meditate at the age of seven and reading buddhist philosophy and the Celestine Prophecy in my room as a young teenager.  They were both important parts of my identity.

I was split and I couldn't see how it would ever be possible to reconcile them.


rawpixel-369775-unsplash (1).jpg

So I didn't.

I just continued to move forward, eventually reaching my goal of creating and then heading up a Creative Services department for a large magazine publisher.  I loved the work of marketing design and my co-workers felt like family. Eventually, however, a creeping sense of almost existential dread descended on me, and I knew it was time to start considering my next move.  But, with so many people counting on me (that’s what I told myself, at least — now I know better), I delayed and delayed.  

Finally, the thought came crashing down on me in a particularly tough moment, “If this is not the work I’m ultimately meant to do, what have I done in the past that I felt acutely connected to?”  The answer was clear.  

And with that, a six-month exit plan was hatched which ultimately lead to me going freelance, getting my coaching certification, and building my business to what it is today.  

My business now encompasses it all. I work as a both a one-on-one coach, as well as coach entrepreneurs to make sure that their business is fiercely tied to the change their committed to making in the world and the clients that will allow them to do that. This allows us to deeply evaluate their branding and marketing, creating opportunities to design beautiful collateral and Squarespace websites to help them reach their very best clients.

It’s all come together, and I’ve never looked back.


It’s very likely that you may hear some of yourself in my story.

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