The 2018 Success Planner

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I’m very excited to announce the 2018 Success Planner!  

Welcome to a new, completely holistic method to plan for your upcoming year. 

Here’s the behind-the-scenes story on how it came to be.

In the past few years, a funny shift happened as I looked back at the year behind me.  I was tired of the ups-and-downs of either congratulating myself or slapping my wrist as I looked back at how well I did. It was exhausting and not entirely fair.  

I’d often focus on my career, my bank account, or my personal life and go through the motions: what did I actually do this year?  And, inevitably, I’d raise the bar again, only to feel like I hadn’t met it a year later.

It’s not the kindest nor most productive method of creating a kickass new year.



So I created this planner, which opened up the conversation and changed the focus for me completely. 



Instead of writing a grocery list of things to do, I started where I left off: how I wanted to feel 365 days from now.  Because I realized, this is the only thing that I cared about.  

And from that point, I was able to build a holistic model of my entire life, and not just focus on the nit-picky points that I was unhappy with. For example, how did I feel about how much fun I was having?  What about my family or my sense of purpose?  

Weren’t they important, too?

In fact, I made sure to include as many corners of “real life” as I could, knowing that they all impacted how I measured my sense of progress and success. Once I understood where I was, I could start planning where I wanted to go with a newfound sense of direction.  

So this is my gift to you: live through your 2018 in a way that will have you feeling motivated and purposeful, not like you’re about to scale Mount Everest.   


P.S. There’s also a special offer at the end once you complete it.  Get started by clicking the graphic here!


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