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Note: This program is now closed.


A seven-week, one-on-one program to get rid of the funk, ignite your hustle, and create serious momentum for 2018. 

So you (or a loved one) need help in getting on a new foot.

A shake-up — a new Master Plan.

There is SO much noise and feels when the new year creeps up on us… and it all starts to blend together into one big ball of "UGH". It goes something like this:

  • This year looks a little too similar to last and you're wondering if the universe will throw you a bone.

  • You're still in that rut that you can't shake and ready for someone to help you push the reset button.

  • You miss having time to focus on yourself and know that if you just need a quick "jumpstart" to get back in the groove.

That's where I come in. My name is Scott Robson and I'm a Certified Professional Coach. I get this because I was this. I felt checked-out, exhausted, and frustrated knowing exactly what I'd be doing every minute of every day (it involved a desk and a computer. Enough said). I needed a jolt.

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Let's Be Real. 

The pressure at the end of the year can be INTENSE, and it doesn't help when you know there's something more that you could be doing (even though you feel like you don't have a single extra minute in your day).  

The question is, how can you get your life properly humming when you aren't even really clear on what's getting in the way? Or maybe you know what's getting in the way, but there are very understandable reasons why you can't change things.

And, here's what's worse: when you try to explain it to others, you feel like a broken record who should have figured this all out already.

Does this feel alarmingly familiar? Have you fallen asleep thinking these things? Well, stop banging your head against your desk (because the people at the coffee shop are staring), and wave the little white flag that says, "Please help me and also send brownies.”

Now, imagine what 7 weeks of creating momentum in your life could do, right after the holidays, so you are jumping into the new year absolutely sure you are on the right track. You're ready, and I can tell.

You're ready to:

  • Stop waiting for your circumstances to change so you can feel better about your life

  • Stop feeling like your days are on an endless repeat.

  • Start making a deeper, more meaningful connection to what makes you jump out of bed in the morning

  • Start pushing past the totally reasonable thinking that has you chasing your tail

Kickstart Your 2018 will do just that. 

Kickstart Your 2018 is a seven-week-long hustle starting in January that that will help you: 

  • Clear out all the murky thinking, limiting beliefs, and assumptions that have been getting in the way for months (or even years)

  • Figure out YOUR unique vision for what your life could look like

  • Challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone and make the changes you've been talking about FOREVER.

Here's What's Included:

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Energy Leadership Index Assessment

We start with an in-depth, 80-minute Energy Leadership Index assessment debrief, which is an attitudinal assessment designed to hold up a mirror to your perceptions, attitudes, and patterns. (More about this)

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Three 55-Minute Coaching Sessions

Three 55-minute, one-on-one coaching sessions thereafter, every-other week. We'll focus on breaking the patterns we've discovered in the assessment and building skills to more consistently use the natural abilities you already have when you're at your best.

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A Vision of the Future & Top-Level Access

We'll create a detailed vision of your life one year from now and create a plan to get you there. You'll also get between-session support (via e-mail & text) for all assignments, and exclusive access to my library of client worksheets and other assessments. 


"Working with Scott has been an invaluable experience. I am quick to write things off as “fine” or “good enough” or “no big deal.” Scott encourages me to see the opportunity in everything. He challenges me to find a new perspective and avoid putting limitations on myself."

—Janet F.


"There is a gentle yet committed approach Scott has to reaching into misunderstood mindsets. It's his compassionate coaxing that gives me the courage to look around my life and make more conscious choices. I am now enjoying my life instead of just surviving it."

—Nikki P.

A $1497 Value
for Only $297

It's crazy but it's true.  

Here's the catch: This opportunity is open for only 10 people. (Because, y'know, there's only one of me).
And, as of writing this, three spots have already been taken.

Whether it's for you or as the best gift ever for someone else, click below to jump in.
You (or your lucky loved one) deserve the freshest of starts for 2018!

Questions? Feel free to reach out and let's clear up anything that may be holding you back. Click here!

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