What I Learned in My Business: 2017 Edition

The Curious Life Coaching 2017 Review

We made it!  This year was really something, wasn't it?! 

For most of us, 2017 was a year of transition, tackling challenges, creating new opportunities, and (hopefully) connecting to something bigger.  

For me, it was this in spades (all of them).  The highs were high, the transitions were massive, and the lows were tackled with determination (and maybe some Netflix binging and several pints of Ben & Jerry's fro-yo...).

Here's what went down this year — what I learned, what I failed at, and how I pushed myself to have my biggest year so far.


1. I stepped back and listened

It was about halfway through the year when I just couldn't overlook it anymore: my one-to-one coaching business helping people to ignite their hustle in their life and careers was humming along, but my online space just wasn't where I wanted it to be. 

I was struggling with how to duplicate what is a very intimate and personalized experience into something that could be done remotely, and I realized that I just hadn't cracked it yet.  More than that, I just didn't (and I still don't) think it could be done in a virtual-space at all, and realized a retooling was needed. 

That's when some solopreneur colleagues asked me advice on something that comes pretty easily to me, which is helping them ignite their personal brand online and making sure it connected to who they are and how they wanted to be seen. 

(My former life was as the head of a Creative Services department for a large magazine publisher in NYC, so designing and marketing is a bit of a hidden passion).  

In answering their questions and building out how-to guides and worksheets, my content was suddenly being picked up.  E-mails were pouring in, people were downloading content left-right-and-center, and asking more questions and requesting similar content.  I had hit on something.

And that was this: The challenges people have in igniting their hustle look very different in the online space than it does in-person.   (Can I get a giant, "duh"?)

The thread that unites them is that they both meet people exactly where they are, they make sense for the forum they're in, and the work is actionable and actively helps solve a challenge by actively tackling big questions about how they want to show up. 

It took me a while, but I figured it out.  You'll be seeing lots of new content this year that will reflect it.  


2. Investing pays off

This year I invested in myself and my business a few different ways, and they all paid off hands-down. 

I completed a couple of high-rated courses (most recently Amy Porterfield's List Builder's Lab) which kicked my butt but also inspired me to raise my game in the marketing, messaging, and coaching arenas. 

Unbelievably (even to me), this has resulted in a 730% increase in my newsletter audience, investing in various social media platforms (looking at you, Pinterest), learning/mud-wrestling with the incredibly powerful Facebook ad platform, integrating LeadPages into my workflow, and building out a year-long plan for my 2018 outreach. 

Looking back, it was a lot.

I also have an upcoming podcast interview which I'll promptly yell from the mountaintops about when it's released, and I'll be jumping into the StrengthFinders assessment tool for my work with my one-on-one and corporate/team work. 

It's a powerful tool to help people focus on what they're naturally great at and minimize what they're not naturally so good at.  I can't wait to offer it starting this year.


3. I jumped in the deep end

The biggest change of all this year, though, was that I went full-time into my business and the impact for me was immediate. I had been ready to make the leap for some time but had some commitments to fulfill on and other loose ends to tie up. 

After making good on those promises, I was finally able to tackle my ever-growing action list that I had dreamed of focusing 100% on, and it was incredibly satisfying.  I redesigned my website and worksheet templates, I made a conscious effort to connect with my audience both in-person and online, and i created a wonderful wave of interesting and enlightening clients.

I also launched my limited-space one-on-one Kickstart Your 2018 program, which aims to reset our energy, leave behind our funks, and create a serious vision for 2018.  I'll be doing this every year and it's the lowest bar for entry ($-wise) to work with me one-on-one.


What's Next

I absolutely love what I do and it honestly has me running over to my desk and connecting with people every day, all day long.  I can't see myself ever tiring of it and can't wait to see what things will look like at the end of 2018.  I have some large goals for myself and my business, including launching an online program, which I'll share more about at a later date.  

In the meantime, I'll point you to my free 2018 Success Planner, which is I created in response to wanting a new way to approach my year without making resolutions or nitpicking on what I hadn't achieved.  It's a holistic model that focuses on how you want to actually feel 365 days from now, and backs you into how you're going to get there.  You can download it here.

Looking forward to creating a joyous, adventurous, brave 2018 with all of you!


Scott Robson Coaching The Curious Life.


Scott Robson is a branding and entrepreneurial coach who helps new businesses and leaders focus on what matters.

Scott Robson