How to Make Crazy Amazing Worksheet Forms

Creating a worksheet form is SIMPLE.

Many of us are making our own content, pushing our own brand, and cultivating interaction with our followers, readers, and that random dog on the street that keeps showing up at our front door.  While the pre-mentioned pooch may not be much interested in an editable workbook, it's otherwise an incredibly effective tool to make content upgrades with.  Have a blog post?  Create a worksheet to go along with it and throw it behind an e-mail opt-in link.  BOOM.  You're growing your list and offering value, and that's what I call a win-win!

This straightforward how-to video provides you all the basics needed to get started!

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Also, here's a simple, two-page guide that outlines all the tools covered above, as well as some easy but important design tips to keep in mind that will help your worksheet look as polished and pro as it can.  Download it from our Free Resource Library below so when you're ready to create your form, you can just pop it open and get started!

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