What are Content Upgrades?

(and how you're missing out)

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One term being thrown about in the world of effective audience building is "Content Upgrades."  And, there's a really good reason why you should not only know it, but also be offering it.  

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Content Upgrades 101

First, I'd like you to imagine that there was ONE thing you could be doing that would not only create more value for your reader, be building your personal and professional brand, increasing your unique visitors to your website, and boosting your e-mail list.  

If such a thing existed, it'd be like a magic tonic, right?  

Well, good news, because it already does, and it's called Content Upgrades.

Usually taking the form of a free downloadable "gift" (like a worksheet or free e-course), Content Upgrades expand upon your posts and literally upgrade the content to the next level.  They create a win-win for both you and your reader: your reader gets free access to real, helpful content, and you get to boost your e-mail list.  By the way, if you are thinking of making some worksheet Content Upgrades but don't know how to make them editable, click here.  I go over all the super easy steps.


Why You Need Them

Let's talk about your audience and the content/e-mail address handshake we're creating here. These aren't just any 'ol e-mail addresses: these are people that are interested specifically in what YOU are doing and what YOU are offering.  It's like a mutual appreciation society of your own creating, and who doesn't like that?

What's even more important, however, is that this is your FIRST step in creating a sales funnel for your business.  Imagine that you have a list of 5,000 people who know you, love what you're offering, and trust what you are publishing.  They're going to be incredibly more likely to buy products, an e-course, or other promotional items from you.  

And, frankly, you're also going to know exactly what they want because you'll have seen what they respond to, the questions they're asking, and what content they're hungry for.


To recap: Content Upgrades = Increased Engagement and Value = Your Sales Funnel

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6 Content Upgrade Tips

  1. MAKE IT EASY: No need to create an entire 7-day free e-course to get engagement rolling in. Go easy on yourself and consider creating some quick summaries, cheat sheets, or a one-page "How-To" Guide. These will often work just as well.

  2. PUSH IT OUT: If you have multiple avenues to push out your work, such as various social media platforms or even asking friends and readers to share your post, you'll immediately see increased engagement.

  3. MAKE IT EDITABLE: Readers want something they can fill out, interact with, and go back to later to either finish or reflect on. It also gives them the opportunity to share it, and you the opportunity to interact with your readers. Making your design editable can be a tricky prospect, but fear no more: this post goes over every step you'll need, and includes a free video and guide.

  4. EVERGREEN OR BUST: "Evergreen" refers to any content that is not time-sensitive or tied to a specific event. This is your bread and butter content that anyone can open at any time and feels relevant.

  5. CROSS-LINKING: If you have several different content upgrades on different posts, cross-link between them and keep readers on your site clicking around and engaged.

  6. MAKE IT VALUABLE: Your readers are spending one of the most prized things they have: their time. Make sure that your content upgrade does provide actual value that will make their lives better informed or more easier.


Content Upgrade Ideas

If you're looking to create some content upgrades of your own, boy do you have options.  To get your creative juices running, the next post in this series covers over a dozen of the best ideas.  Click below!

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