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Ever have a project that you were sad was ending? That was this for me.

Helmed by American expat Tiffany Feeney, Talent Outpost is a Zurich-based recruiting agency for the animation, visual effects, and games industries. After launching her business and watching it grow by leaps and bounds, Tiffany reached out to me to help upgrade her messaging, branding, and website to take her business to the next level.

Tiffany Feeney of Talent Outpost

As with many who are starting new businesses, Tiffany did what she had to do to launch on time and within budget.

I initially created a DIY website because it felt good enough to get started with my business's online presence. As I grew in confidence, as well as my client roster, I wanted to upgrade my website to represent me, my energy, and the quality of my work that I deliver,” she said. “Once I felt that I had stable revenue coming in, I decided this was the next area of my business to level-up.

Tiffany’s humor, wit, and “insider info” (she went to university for animation before working within the industry) set her apart in the competitive recruiting industry. And, her infectious laugh and fun, positive energy kept our calls consistently going long (shhh).

Working within the Pursuit with Passion program, Tiffany created a profound clarity around her business, her clients, and how she saw herself reflected in her brand (so much so that she was finally ready for a big design leap). “I was surprised by my color and font choices. Scott presented some great options for me to choose from that I would not have dared to explore if he didn't show me how these pieces really do work together. We did so much work on who my clients are and what I deliver to them, that I felt confident to make bolder choices because I knew how to communicate what I was offering better.

And, what’s more, Tiffany’s upgraded brand and website allowed her to comfortably demand the pricing that reflect her services. “[The new brand and website have] definitely brought a ‘wow factor’ and professional impression to my business. It has helped to set me apart and matches the price point I command in my market.”

“I’d recommend Scott and the Pursuit with Passion program to any business owner who doesn't feel their website matches the quality of work they deliver. You only have one chance to make a first impression and you want your website to be dripping with professionalism — not look amateurish, or worse, like it’s a hobby.

Working with Tiffany and Talent Outpost was an absolute pleasure and I can’t wait to hear about all of the exciting new projects she’ll be working on.

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