The #1 Easiest Fix to Pitching Clients

How you can start pitching clients better so they understand your services.

Moment of Truth: I struggled with how to write the headline on this week’s blog.

What I really wanted to write was, “The #1 Biggest Mistake When People Pitch Clients,” but that seemed way too steeped in the negative (and slightly click-baity?). In all honesty, though, it’s still true and maybe I should go with it, but I’ve decided to focus today on the OPPORTUNITY, people, and not the mistake. So, let’s be positive, shall we?

But, we still have to talk about the elephant in the room. Because the elephant is trying to pitch a client, and it’s going a bit awry…

He’s saying, “We should work together because you’ll feel better about your life, feel a sense of freedom, know what your values are, and have a sense of expansiveness and joy.

What I’m talking about is how a lot of people are pitching their services, and how it’s not working.

From an entrepreneur’s perspective, this pitch makes sense for a good reason: they know they can deliver it. Because most likely their clients WILL have this, if not more, once all is said and done.

But here’s where it’s not connecting:


The person hearing this can’t relate because they are at a completely different point in their story.


Their story sounds like this, “I need 10 more hours in my day to get everything done, I need to lose 20 pounds, I’m not making enough money, my partner in co-parenting is not pulling their weight, I have way too much on my plate, I hate my job, and my family is going through a health crisis.”

Do you see the disconnect/opportunity here?

The glowing business owner, pitching away, is sitting on top of the mountain and has already gone through the journey that the potential client has. They know what they need and where they’ll go, but the client doesn’t know it yet.

The client only knows that they want to lose 20 pounds, not eye roll too loudly in front of their boss, and get their co-parent to meet them halfway.

Meanwhile, they’re being pitched feelings. They have enough feelings. They don’t need feelings. They need solutions.


Clients don’t buy feelings, they buy solutions that get them to those feelings.


Here’s where the easiest #1 fix comes in: When pitching your services, focus on the “What” first, THEN focus on the “How,” before finally moving into the “Why.”

High five! You’re connecting to clients exactly where they are right now.

High five! You’re connecting to clients exactly where they are right now.

So, in other words, you’re going to explain what problems you’re individually solving first:

  • Stop feeling like you have no time!

  • Create a new business you’ll love

  • Get a job you love and learn how to love the job you have.

  • Co-Parenting Reset: Renew your Relationship for Success

Then you’re going to talk about the How, which is the specific method(s) that you use to achieve results in your services, like understanding core values, disconnects, or creating group buy-in to goals.

And finally, you’re going to talk about the Why, which is so that they feel a sense of happiness, joy, etc.

By inserting in the “What” first, we’re speaking our potential client’s language in a way that connects and validates where they are, not where you are (at the top of the mountain). And after we’ve talked about the What and How, the Why suddenly seems like a relevant goal.

Of course,” they’ll say, “that’s exactly how I want to feel.” They just needed a little validation of where they are and what it takes to get there.

And that, after all, is really what they want to hear right now.


Scott Robson life coach for entrepreneurs and business coach and branding.


Scott Robson is a branding and entrepreneurial coach who helps business leaders focus on what matters.

Scott Robson