What's Your Rabbit?

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So, something really funny happened today, guys.  I'm currently enjoying a bit of well-earned RnR in Corinthia in Southern Austria with my partner.  He's originally from this incredible land of milch und honig (milk and honey), and my job is to do my best not trip over my german while I'm here, which gets easier and easier (but is still a work-in-progress, let me tell you).  As most couples find, our ideas of relaxation differ, oh, almost completely.  My idea: sitting on the lake, enjoying the stunning views of the alps and maybe jumping in the lake to cool down in between chapters of whatever I'm reading (currently it's The Hare with the Amber Eyes.  Cannot. Put. Down.)  His idea consists of jumping on a bike for a four-hour ride up the mountains. I need not say more.

Still, even though four-hours on a bike is not on my Fun List, I do love bike riding and we find our happy medium pretty quickly when it comes to two-wheel good times.  As we're happily on our way, enjoying the intense smell of pine and cool air washing down over us from the forest, my partner's natural and fun sense of competition kicks in.  He sees someone ahead and starts to pickup speed to overtake him on the trail.  I comment that he really, clearly, has a goal in mind, which includes leaving this guy in a cloud of dust, and he says with a smile, "You always need a rabbit to chase.  He's mine." And off he went in an impressive burst of speed.

I got that grin on my face that I get when I hear something and turn it inside-out and roll it over in my mind like a bite of the best apple strudel you've ever tasted.  What was MY rabbit?  I knew pretty quickly: to coach as much as I could, to change lives and create happiness, breakthroughs, and fulfillment for myself and others, in any way that I could.  It took me a while to get here, but I'm more than proud to say, I'm here.  It took a lot of work, and I don't take that journey or the result for granted.

So I turn this question over to you, dear readers.  In a world where we all could use our own rabbit to chase, what is YOUR rabbit?  

What are you REALLY chasing?  

Ask yourself this: What inner-value is that rabbit reflecting?  And, is that inner-value something that is connected to your core self?  Who you really are and what you know will light you up and have you jump out of bed in the morning?  Or is it serving something more immediate?

I'm not going to sugarcoat this too much: it really can take years to figure this out and there are a lot of damn good reasons why.  There is NO judgement here.  I implore you all, though: get thinking about it and try to see if this is something that you're chasing because it's really really important to you (whether professionally or personally) or because you're afraid if you're NOT chasing this.... (something something "OR ELSE" — fill in the blank).  If it's the first case, you're on your way!  Now dig deeper and see how how you can continue to refine this to reflect who you really are.  If it's the second case, what can you do to reframe this in a way where it can reflect something more fulfilling for you; more connected with something you've been craving for years?  How is it really connected to who you are as opposed to something where your identity or livelihood would feel under threat were it not there?  The point is this: let's see if we can associate this to something that's not fear-based, but actually based in something that you've chosen consciously and powerfully.  You'll find that if you're able to do this, you will relate to this rabbit as the beautiful motivator that it is.  Because ultimately, the rabbit is you.

Just some questions for you to ponder.  We're off for a bit of a road trip tomorrow and I'll update you all from the road.  Until then!

Focusing on your inner values and strengths is key to finding your life purpose.