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Here's what's probably true for you: You're going full-tilt, balancing as many plates in the air as you can, and you mostly feel like you're pulling it off.  But there's a nagging suspicion that the mental chatter in your head is holding you back from your next move.  You've found success in so many areas and yet feels like there's a blind spot clouding your vision of what the next level looks like for you.

I know because I've been through it.

I know the frustration when you feel like things just aren’t clicking and your inner voice isn’t being the ally it could be.

I worked in the fast-paced magazine publishing industry in New York City for close to 20 years before launching my own business.  I loved the work, but I knew there was more for me out there.  I didn't know what, though, and I stalled: years went by as I tried to understand what it was that was holding me back.  I had a list of reasons, of relationships, guilt, timing, financial goals — they all seemed to conspire to keep me exactly where I was.

With training, I was able to work through those blind spots and stepped into a much bigger game.

And, you can, too.

We'll work together to uncover the patterns and flawed beliefs that are keeping you held back, and in doing so, you'll find that crucial decisions no longer need to be stressful or anxiety-ridden, but can be purposeful forward movements.

Scott Robson is a certified coach and does branding coaching for The Curious Life


Scott Robson is an  ICF Certified Professional Coach (CPC), with coaching training from both the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) and Landmark Education, as well as a Reiki practitioner, a decades-long follower of Buddhist philosophy, and an almost lifelong meditator.  He also graduated from Pratt Institute in New York City, has a background in marketing design, and worked in the magazine publishing industry in New York City for close to 20-years.  

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When I started this self-development journey for myself, I sincerely doubted that it would be worth the resources or time commitment.  Then one day, it dawned on me and I said to myself, "What if this creates 5% more happiness in my life?  And, what if that is the tipping point I've been looking for?"  Little did I know how right I was and how that would lead to everything that I currently value.

I do this work because I know that if you are willing to challenge your thinking, you will find that you already have all the answers you need. 

The cornerstone of my philosophy is that you are the expert on you.  I do not provide advice, but instead am actively listening to the mental blocks that you are throwing in front of your possible success and teaming with you to dismantle them.  I work best with those who are willing to test these blocks and consider new possibilities.



For me, it took years to work through why my life felt forced, stressful, and unaligned to my goals.  My personal goal is to work with you so you can get on with whatever it is that lights you up and gets you jumping out of bed NOW.

This work is my absolute passion.  My life has gone from the deadline-driven publishing halls of New York City to the sun-filled mountains of California. Instead of running for the subway every morning, you can find me hiking with my dog and breathing in fresh air and life (yes, I hike every day).  This work has changed me in unexpected, but organic ways and I want that for everyone.  

You are wholeheartedly invited to take the first step towards creating this massive, inspiring, worthwhile life by booking a free one-on-one Discovery Session with me below.  We'll discuss where you're at, I can hear your story, and I can answer any questions you may have about me, my results, and the process.  Don't lose momentum by putting this off for even one day.   You deserve to start this process now.

It all starts with a 100% complimentary conversation.  

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