Business Development

Professional coaching for your business and for internal coaching talent.

I work alongside passionate entrepreneurs and businesses to create clarity in their identity, mission, and approach so they can powerfully connect to their ideal clients.

Through in-depth workshops and coaching, we create breakthroughs in how to:

  • Effectively create a deeper, more effective platform.

  • Strategize smart, effective, and holistic approaches to reengage with your audience.

  • Create more opportunities to convert conversations to sales.

  • Learn how to invest in your already-established organizational strengths instead of reinventing your approach.

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Our workshops and coaching are designed as an engaging, cost-effective solution to increase the level of relational awareness in your organization’s brand as it relates to client acquisition and mission alignment.

Our offerings combine facilitation, training, and team and one-on-one coaching to create both engagement and integrative follow-through. The focus is not merely on “what should we do,” but in truly being able to understand and justify “why we should do it” before creating comprehensive next-steps.



“We were spearheading a rebranding and repositioning project for an area of the TED Partnerships team and needed a fresh perspective on where we were in the process — one I had assigned a very long term timeline for us to complete. 

My team and I worked with Scott as he listened, asked probing questions, and challenged us to go deeper (which sometimes lead this group, which is highly skilled in the TED brand, into “team head scratchers”).

In the end, Scott helped us focus on the “why” because we already knew the “how.” His workshop has continued to resonate in our work as we progress on this product.”

—Emily McLintock, Creative Director, TED


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The Takeaway

While attending our workshops, you and your team will experience a highly interactive and thought-provoking learning experience where group interaction is valued, and each participant is compelled to share, shape, and contribute to powerful breakthroughs.

Your team will return to work armed with an integrated framework that can be used in all current and future projects to assist in creating an optimal foundation for continued success.

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