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When you think about it, you can almost see it.  Sort of. 

You’re new to this whole business thing, and while you have a vision for what you want to be doing, you’re a little overwhelmed with what that looks like and sounds like. You know who your clients are, but don’t know how to translate that to marketing-speak and what that would look like visually. And, you’re tired of doing everything at once and still not being where you want to be.  

 Scott Robson Coach for Branding and Website Development for Entrepreneurs and Small Business

This is where I come in.  

Before I was a certified professional coach, I ran a marketing design department at a large magazine publisher in New York City.  We did it all: advertisements, marketing collateral, logo design, sales decks...I mean, I could go on, but you get the idea.  

After almost 20-years in the industry and feeling the itch for a new challenge, I changed gears and went back into coaching (Check out the whole story here).  

When it came time for me to get my business' branding up and running, I knew exactly what to do.  It was a breeze for me, but I quickly realized it wasn’t for everyone else.

I keenly recognized the struggle my colleagues were having.  I kept hearing the same challenges over and over, and I knew that I was in a unique position to help.

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If you’re anything like my past clients, here’s what you’re probably feeling:

  • Frustrated that there’s a whole marketing and branding side to your biz that you seem to be reinventing the wheel for. 
  • Overwhelmed by how little time you have when your focus should be getting clients and paying the bills.
  • Confused, unsure, and overloaded by all the options and information out there.
  • Afraid you may be making decisions that are moving you away from what you always dreamed your business would look like.


The worst part is that it seems like you’re already falling behind.  

You’re looking at other people’s branding and websites and you’re thinking, “I want all of them, and I want none of them,” because you know that yours has to be different.  It has to reflect you.  But you can’t seem to make it happen and now you’re about to throw something, ANYTHING, together because something is better than nothing (which, let me tell you, is a guaranteed way to create more work for yourself down the road).  

If this sounds anything like you, I cannot overstate how happy I am that you landed here.  (I’m sending you a huge cup of coffee and a high five because we are going to seriously figure your stuff out). 

In this program, we’re going to roll up our sleeves and give you the one-on-one, hands-on attention you need to get your messaging, branding, and website up and working FOR you, not the other way around.


Scott is incredible! He did so much more than design my beautiful website. He helped me articulate my vision, develop my brand, and share my passion! Scott has a unique talent for not just listening, but truly hearing his clients’ messages and helping their customers do the same. Scott is an authentic, creative, and insightful person who was meant to do this work!  Thank you, Scott, for supporting me during this very exciting (and sometimes terrifying) time in my life! I’ve truly enjoyed partnering with you on this journey. 
— Dr. Kimberly Lechner
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Imagine having completed our work together...

And being an expert in how to talk about your business and how you solve your clients' challenges.  You're able to confidently declare what makes you different, and your new website and branding gives you a level of polish you've always dreamt of. 



 Module 1 of Pursuit with Passion Program for Entrepreneurs needing branding tips and a website.

We'll have 4 coaching calls (55-minutes each) where we'll set the foundations of your messaging and approach by establishing:

  • Total clarity around how you provide your services, as well as who your clients actually are (as well as who they're not) so you can properly target them.
  • How to talk about your products and services in a way that answers the exact problem your clients are looking to solve.
  • What makes you stand out, even in a crowded field.
  • How to speak to your clients so they say, "wow, it was like they're talking directly to ME."

 Module 2 of Pursuit with Passion Program for Entrepreneurs needing branding tips and a website.

In this module, we’ll focus entirely on developing your branding over the course of 3 weeks.  We'll be:

  • Nailing down your esthetic, color palette, and overall look and feel of your entire brand. 
  • Creating your logo and color palette board
  • Building the template of your website

 Module 3 of Pursuit with Passion Program for Entrepreneurs needing branding tips and a website.

You get to reserve two weeks of my time and at the end you'll have yourself a beautiful website.  You supply the content and I'll build out all the functionality you'll need and take care of everything else.  Here's what you'll walk away with:

  • A tailor-made website that works on both mobile and desktop (up to 7 pages).
  • A custom website domain (included with Squarespace membership)
  • My complete attention during Module 3. I only design one website at a time, so I'm all yours.
  • Custom graphics, visual assets, and coding so your site stands apart.
  • SEO setup to get your SEO journey started right.
  • Setup and integration with Acuity Scheduling (As a Squarespace customer, the Emerging Plan is free.)
  • MailChimp setup
  • A custom "Coming Soon" page.

I’ll also be guiding you and providing my best practices to create a site that converts your audience to become clients.


 Post Launch of Pursuit with Passion Program for Entrepreneurs needing branding tips and a website.

After launching your website, we’ll have a 1.5-hour Squarespace lesson so that you can comfortably start to “own” your site and feel empowered to make the changes you want moving forward.  

I’m also available for one month afterward, free-of-charge, for any additional questions, walkthroughs, or website edits.



Soon you'll confidently be talking about your business, giving out your website and feeling like a total boss while doing it: chin raised high, firm handshake, great (non-creepy) eye-contact.  


You are making your vision come true.


I was referred to Scott by a colleague who could not stop talking about how much she benefited from his help. At first I was skeptical based on past experiences with “tech guys.” Soon I realized that Scott is so much more. From a technology perspective the outcome of our work (i.e., a beautiful and functional website) felt like a bi-product of our ongoing dialogue about my business, style, goals, etc. and in the end, the most unexpected and important outcome of Scott’s constructive and strategic coaching was not the technology. It was a laser-sharp clarity about my vision for the business and message I hoped to portray to prospective clients. Because Scott helped me focus on what matters in such a professional, supportive, and responsive way, he has my highest possible recommendation.
— David Saxe, Esq., EdD
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So, you have a couple of options: 

Keep scouring the internet, looking to cobble together often conflicting information and then spend hours putting together your messaging, brand, and website only to be frustrated that it’s not looking at all like it should, 


Let me help you.  I’ll give you all my strategies, tips, hints, AND an incredible site so you can start focusing on your business and getting those clients.  Think about where you want to be 3 or 6 months from now.  Do you have a proven plan to get you there?

Instead, let’s work together using my proven step-by-step process to get you that polished messaging, branding, and website you needed, like, YESTERDAY.

So, what will it be?

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Schedule Your Consultation

Click below to schedule your free consultation where we pow-wow all things YOU and your branding.

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 KJT Coaching, Katherine Jaeger-Thomas, who was an entrepreneur who received branding coaching, as well as website design.
I had been dreading redoing my website for over a year. I hate making decisions around design and struggled to feel confident knowing what I want. Scott - in just a few conversations - was able to nail my style, my brand, the functionality, everything I wanted in a website, without me even knowing what that was myself! I loved it instantly and was excited to incorporate this new look into everything I did. He not only rebooted my website - in many ways, it was a total reboot of my business, too.
— Katherine Jaeger-Thomas
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If you're like me, you have some questions.


New(ish) and not-so-newish Entrepreneurs/Solopreneurs.  Most of my clients are just launching their business and I’m so excited to partner with them.  I’ve also worked with entrepreneurs who have been at this for several years but want to take things to the next level.


Just e-mail me and I can step you through how to make the change.  (If it’s an easy one and I have time, I may be able to even do it for you because I LOVE my clients).  If it's a more comprehensive request, we can discuss a payment plan that works.


Absolutely.  I’ve created business cards, note cards, letterhead, posters, client intake forms, you name it.  There is a separate charge for this, of course, but it’s all very doable and reasonable.


Great question!  The cost of this program does not include a Squarespace membership or any 3rd-party memberships (like a higher-tier MailChimp or Acuity Scheduling membership, whose basic memberships are free).  Squarespace has several tiers of pricing, and we require at least the business-level.  You can view the various plans here.


Squarespace is not difficult to learn the basics of at all. It’s one of the reasons I chose this platform over WordPress.  While there is always a learning curve, the Squarespace platform is consistent, clean, doesn’t break, and in my opinion is easier to learn than Wordpress.  

One of the other benefits is that while you must purchase and update templates and multiple plug-ins for your WordPress site, Squarespace builds these into the actual platform and is continually adding new ones.  Squarespace also has partnerships with many other online services to seamlessly integrate their functionality, sometimes even for free.  Oh, and it automatically makes sure your site is mobile-friendly and has built-in SEO support.  What’s not to love?


The short answer is no, but our work together is setting you up for success in this area.  You will ultimately create your own copy as you are the best expert on YOU, after all, but our work beforehand will set you up well.  Our coaching work together will allow us to create many of the copy points that you will use throughout your site.

For images and photography, we can use various paid and un-paid stock photography websites (Squarespace has a partnership with Getty Images for a very reasonable $10/photo), and I can also review any photography of yourself you already have.  I recommend to all of my clients that they consider a small photoshoot with a local photographer, however, to help create a level of polish that is important to your professional website.


If you already have a domain, we can either just connect it to Squarespace, or transfer it over completely.  If you're moving to Squarespace from WordPress, you can import pages from your WordPress site as long as it’s with WordPress 3.2 or higher.  There are some limitations on what can be imported, which is explained here, but we’d talk it through and figure out a plan.


Squarespace does an incredible job with their built-in SEO capabilities, allowing many websites to be found early in Google rankings when searching under unique terms (such as your business name or actual name, as long as there are no well-known businesses or figures with the same name, of course).  Searching under broader terms, such as "life coach new york city" or "architect los angeles," however, will quickly educate you in the longer-term game of SEO, as it takes time, strategy, and effort to break into broader search rankings.

SEO is a process that can take sometimes up to a year to see results in, and rewards those who update their sites, blogs, and other connected accounts, as well as have other websites that link back to yours (like Yelp, guest-posting on someone else's blog, or being written up in your local newspaper).  Time rewards those who are committed to the process, and I can provide guidance and strategies to help you with your SEO after we complete our work together.


Let me be straight with you on this one: when you’re starting a business, your branding and website should absolutely be an investment.  But, I know that your money was more than hard-earned and you need to invest it wisely.  That’s why I’ve created something that is SO much more than simple website building: it’s an entire program to get your brand up and running.  

I’m not only an experienced art director but a certified-professional coach who can help you break down any limited thinking or mental blocks that are keeping you from dreaming big.  Some designers charge upwards of $8k for a website, branding experts can charge a minimum of $3,500 for their services, and business coaches can easily charge $300 per session.  

I’m very confident that the value of this program over-delivers and is worth every penny.

 Dr Mandi Croft-Peteskey, is an entrepreneur who received branding coaching, as well as website design.
Scott is simply tremendous at everything he does! Not only is Scott incredibly creative, smart, and extremely talented at website design, but he is kind, patient, and a pleasure to work with. While creating my website, Scott listened to my ideas and personal style, and he ultimately created a beautiful website. I am so pleased with the outcome and I cannot recommend Scott enough to other entrepreneurs!
— Dr. Mandi Croft-Petoskey
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How do I know if the Pursuit with Passion Program is right for me?

If you find yourself nodding your head to any of the below points, you’re a perfect candidate for the Pursuit with Passion Program:

  • You are either just starting a business or are in your initial years and you’re ready to go primetime in your online presence.  That means not just nailing your messaging, and marketing, but you also may be ready to sell your services and put your website to work as a larger solution in your business.
  • You’re willing to invest in your business because you’ve realized that to create results, you need to make a big statement and declare that your business is legitimate and worthy of your time and money.
  • You really really care about how your message connects with people and how it’s rooted in what’s important to you, your business, and the change you want to create in the world.
  • You’ve spent a massive amount of time trying to put together the polished trifecta of branding, messaging, and website, and you realize that you’ve gone as far as you can go.  The truth is, it’s like building a house: if you build it on the right foundation and step through it in the proper sequence, you’ll find things just start to make sense. That’s what I do, and what we’ll do together.
  • You’re willing to give this program your all and enthusiastically do the work, knowing that what’s on the other side is more than your business, it’s your calling.

If you hear yourself in any of the above, it means one thing: You’re ready.  You’re prepared to fully commit to your business, to your passion, to the incredible things you know you can do.  It’s time to partner to create something that will leapfrog your vision into reality.

Get started today and choose the package that works best for you:

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Schedule Your Consultation

We'll review your goals, the program, and how we can get you up and running in no time.

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 Sandra K is an author who created new messaging and branding awareness through Pursuit with Passion
I felt like Scott “got” me in our introductory Skype. In only four sessions, he helped me figure out a cohesive message for my business branding. The prescribed exercises were totally on point and his skill in helping me articulate my vision - and revealing the inner “gremlins” keeping me from acting upon it - was really helpful. I would heartily recommend Scott for going next level.
— Sandra K.
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