Reboot & Renew

A 2-week website redesign so your site can catch up to your business.


Already have a Squarespace website but feel like
it’s time to press the “makeover” button?

You’ve found the perfect program.



  • A quick, straightforward redesign of your existing website.

  • Your company presence to be clearer, more elevated, and more consistent with how your business looks and feels now — not when you started.

  • To partner with someone who understands the website design, messaging, and strategy process from start to finish.

  • An opportunity to create and reach more clients online.



Squarespace website design for Katherine Jaeger-Thomas

“In just a few conversations, Scott was able to nail my style, my brand, the functionality, everything I wanted in a website, without me even knowing what that was myself! I loved it instantly and was excited to incorporate this new look into everything I did.”

—Katherine Jaeger-Thomas, CPC
New Jersey

Squarespace website design for David Saxe

“The outcome of our work (i.e., a beautiful and functional website) felt like a bi-product of our ongoing dialogue about my business, style, goals. In the end, the most unexpected and important outcome of Scott’s strategic coaching was not the technology. It was a laser-sharp clarity about my vision for the business and message I hoped to portray to prospective clients.”

David Saxe, ESQ., EDD,
Chicago, IL


  • After you sign up, you’ll receive a questionnaire regarding your current needs and goals, your frustrations & challenges, and how you want your website to work for you.

  • We’ll have a 90-minute assessment call to discuss the strategy for upgrading your current brand, messaging, and website.

  • You’ll receive a guide on how to provide your text and photos, which you’ll supply to me on time so I can begin on schedule.

  • You’ll be available for feedback and questions so we meet our deadline.

  • I’ll custom design your website, making sure to organize your content based on our conversation so that it meets your goals and reflects the direction of your business.

  • We’ll be in constant communication as ideas and inspiration strikes.

  • I’ll finish by giving you a 60-minute Squarespace lesson where I answer any questions on how to best utilize the platform to market your business.

Not only will your website get the makeover it needs, but you’ll have full and unfettered access to me, answering your burning questions and brainstorming how to market your business.

Working on my laptop at my local workspace. Squarespace website design and branding coaching for entrepreneurs.


  • One 90-minute branding coaching call.

  • Up to 7 pages, redesigned.

  • New color palette.

  • A beautifully redesigned website that matches your current and future business.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your site.

  • Unlimited phone calls during the active dates of our project.

  • A custom guide written just for you for next steps in creating hype for your site and business.


Originally from New York, I now call the mountains of Topanga, California home (along with the various furry creatures I tend to somehow collect). I’m also a certified professional coach with over 20 years of art direction experience. You can read my entire story here.


MailChimp Setup

Reaching out to your audience on a regular basis is critical for generating sales and developing client relationship. I can setup your MailChimp account so that you’ll have a receiving list and newsletter template for when you are ready to dive in.

Additional Page

If there are more than 7 pages in need of redesigning on your site, you can increase this amount for an additional fee. This will be something that is covered in your initial questionnaire, as well as our 90-minute coaching call.

Other Projects

If you have something specific in mind that is not covered on this list, feel free to mention it during our work together and we will come up with a fair plan to get you exactly what you need.


If you’re in need of a logo refresh, I’ll work with you to create a simple, clean, eye-catching logo that mirrors your business. We’ll cover this in our initial call and see if your branding aligns with who your ideal client is.

Website Copy

Creating copy for your website can be one of the most difficult aspects of asset development. I’ll work with you to create the perfect copy for all of your pages so that it tells your story and showcases your business exactly the way you need it to.

Business Card

A business card that matches your new website design is important in keeping your branding consistent. You’ll have something professional and polished that you’ll be proud to hand out.

Reboot & Renew in 2 Weeks?
Yes, and this is how we’ll do it together.

Consultation for squarespace website design

Choose a time for our free consultation and we’ll discuss your needs, your goals, and what’s possible for your website.

Reserve your website design week

If we decide that this is the right program for you, I’ll send you a contract and an invoice for a 50% deposit, which will reserve the two weeks we’ll be designing.

Deliver your photos and text for your new redesigned website

After your deposit and contract has been received, you’ll complete the questionnaire, we’ll have our coaching call, and you’ll deliver your text and photos.

Redesign your squarespace website with Scott Robson

At our decided-upon start date, I’ll start redesigning your site! We’ll be in touch daily during this time to ensure we meet our deadline and you have a perfect site.